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    Sales manager - Mr. Yang 18757957358


    Jinhua Hengxin Cookware Co., Ltd.

    About Us

    Establish in 2007, Jinhua heng xin cookware co.,ltd ,covers about 25000m2and more than two hundred employees, not only manufacture the multiply cookware but also supply the multiply cookware raw material.

    Our factory have the BSCI certification and the QMS meet ISO9001:2008 Standard.

    Our aim has always been to our customers create authentic, stylish, creative cuisine, make each customer enjoy cooking,Fry pan, stockpot, wok, saucepan, skillet,we make perfectly finished cookware with triply materials to satisfy every customer and chef.

    We have received SGS,LFGB,TUV Certification for our various cookware.

    Our customer service team is dedicated helping with any issue that may occur and work vigorously to resolve it quickly to your satisfaction.

    we believe in standardizing production, which will enhance product quality and reduce labor costs. Support OEM and ODM, We have excellent design team to meet different requirement of customer.

    let’s joint our forces together,You will win the confidence from market by our stable supplies.

    Sales hotline:

    Mark :86-15267955334





    No. 126,Qingyuan Road,Linjiang Industrial Zone,Jinhua

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